Whether you’re looking for instant access, annual bonuses or tax-free savings, we have an account that will help you achieve your savings goals.
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Other Services
We offer Funeral Plans and Home Insurance through our partners
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About Us
Established in Newport in 1869 to help local people build homes, we now help people across Wales and England buy properties and save for their future.
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Mortgage Documents

Find out more about our mortgage services and any fees we may charge.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.
Savings Documents

Here you can find the interest rates for all our savings accounts new and old, as well as application forms for applying by post or in branch.

Interest Rates for All Our Accounts Including Previous Rates and Rates for Closed Accounts Download General Terms and Conditions for Savings Accounts Download Official Signatory Form 42Kb Download Bond Application Form Download ISA Declaration Form 141Kb Download Cash ISA Transfers In Form Download Instant Cash ISA (Issue 1) Application Form Download Junior Cash ISA Application Form 797Kb Download Inheritance ISA Application Form Download Help to Buy: ISA Application Form 705Kb Download Help to Buy: ISA Transfer Authority Form 71Kb Download 30 Day Notice Smart Tracker (Issue 3) Application Form Download Saver Plus Application Form 809Kb Download Young Savers Account Application Form 802Kb Download First Home Bonus Saver Application Form 120Kb Download Premium Instant Application Form Download Escalator Instant Application Form 809Kb Download Christmas Saver Application Form 806Kb Download Affinity Instant Application Form 812Kb Download Charities and Clubs Application Form 808Kb Download General Client Account Application Form 578Kb Download Corporate Account Application Form 811Kb Download Designated Deposit 2 Account Application Form 99Kb Download Child Trust Fund to Junior ISA Transfer Form Download Standing Order Form Download Tariff of Savings Charges Download 1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA - Issue 6 Application Form 1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA - Issue 6 Application Form Download Easy Saver (Issue 1) Application Form Download Easy ISA Application Form Download Business Savings Application Form Download